I had the pleasure of working under Steve Grier

Account Executive Senior at Integra Telecom

I had the pleasure of working under Steve Grier at CenturyLink. His management style is one that should be modeled by anyone interested in becoming a manager. In a survey of more than 1500 workers from Australia, China, Germany, India, Mexico, and the U.S., it was found that when employees observed altruistic or selfless behavior in their managers — a style characterized by 1) acts of humility, such as learning from criticism and admitting mistakes); 2) empowering followers to learn and develop; 3) acts of courage, such as taking personal risks for the greater good; and 4) holding employees responsible for results — they were more likely to report feeling included in their work teams. Steve’s success in fostering team morale was due to his style including aspects of all 4 of these points. I really apreciated how he was very quick to help and his advice was always spot on. Google’s SVP of People Operations, Lazlo Bock, says humility is one of the traits he’s looking for in new hires. “Your end goal,” explained Bock, “is what can we do together to problem-solve. I’ve contributed my piece, and then I step back.” And it is not just humility in creating space for others to contribute, says Bock—it’s “intellectual humility. Without humility, you are unable to learn.” This defines Steve Grier’s style. I highly reccomend Steve to anyone looking to grow a sales team or manage any kind of team. He is unassuming yet at the same time his industry knowledge is deep and impressive. He would be a great asset to any company.lessAugust 6, 2014, Chris reported to Steve at CenturyLink Business

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